0.3M Class3 Dual-Polarized Antenna

  • Diameter of Mounting Pole: Φ51~Φ114 mm
  • Fine Azimuth Adjustment : Coarse 360° Fine ±15°
  • Fine Elevation Adjustment : Coarse ±25° Fine ±15°
  • Wind Velocity Operational : 162km/h
  • Wind Velocity Survival Rating: 250km/h
  • Ice-load: 25.4 mm
  • Operational Temperature: -45~ +65℃

Product Specification

Stable gain and patterns over ultra-wide bandwidth of 5G and 6G.
Optimized F/B & side-lobe suppression minimizes interference
Quick connect waveguide allows rapid change of polarization and installation
Installs in minutes to reduce service calls and installation time
Integrated handle / hoisting hook for added safety and convenient installation
Heavy-duty bracket with fine elevation and azimuth adjustment beamwidths
Mounts to any size mast from 50-60mm

Product Specification

  • Wireless MIMO LAN systems & IEEE 802.11n applications
  • Point-to-point (PtP) for backhaul or client premise equipment (CPE)
  • Supports public safety (4.9 GHz), U-NII-1, 2, 3, and 4 (5.15-5.925 GHz), and up to 6.85GHz for world-wide market
  • Mobile WiMAX Wireless Internet Provider “cell” sites
  • High-density deployments requiring frequency reuse to achieve high capacity and data rates
  • Last-mile connection

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