BVA11AGC Trunk Amplifier

  • Band Frequency: 950– 2150 MHz.
  • Automatic Gain Control with input level indication for auto installation setup
  • Gain adjustment in SAT band
  • Fixed Slop
  • Low power consumption
  • Operating temperature: -10 to +55°C.
  • Female F connectors

Product Specification

Automatic Gain Control line amplifiers is used as the trunk amplifier before wall outlets. Normally used to amplify the signals. All adjustments are internally located under the die cast cover secured with safety screws to prevent unauthorised access. Packaging 1 pc.


Product Specification

Bandwidth                          950-2150 MHz
Gain 33dB@950MHz 44 dB@2150 MHz
AGC – Range 60 ~ 90 dBμV ( input level )
Slope        8 dB
Max. output level
Satellite                          112 dBμV
Noise figure                           8 dB
Return loss                           9 dB
Connectors                          Female
Impedance                           75 Ohm
Test point -20 dB
Mains voltage 18VDC 1.0A
Power consumption 2 W
Dimensions (L.×H.×D.) 135x74x34 mm
Operating Temperature °C -10 to +55

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